{ } 10 Tips for quality Translation
10 Tips for quality Translation

10 Tips to be a better Translator

Are you a Translator? If you think that translation only means converting a text from one language to another is translation, then sorry to say but we you are only a language expert as translation is a skill which needs continuous improvement and develop your art with the pace of Industry.

As a translator our job is not only to convert a text from target language to source language but to get the core meaning of the word/sentence/phrase/text which can be clearly understood.

1.      Master your language pair

Having a highest possible certification in language doesn’t guarantee good translation skills because the words we study in class are just like a drop/bucket of water  taken out of ocean of language. Few tips to make your translation better are


§  Get yourself trained perfect in grammar because if you translation is having grammatical or spelling errors then it’s place will be recycle bin but not customer’s inbox.

§  Keep yourself updated with commonly used idioms/phrases and cultural references.

§  Never rely on single source of information whether it’s dictionary/article/book.


2.      IT skillset

Everything now a day is IT driven and translation is not an exception. Make yourself acquainted with the trending translation tools to have a quick and better translation. IT skillset is not only limited Translation tools but also expands to file format, fonts, word counter, document security etc.


3.      Research skills

       I personally consider it most important which is must for any and every translators. Keep yourself updated with better words for your text which only not only increase your knowledge but also give your translational chance to stand apart from the crowd.

Additionally, when you will be doing the research for a specific word you may come across better substitutes for other words as well


4.      Purpose of translation

As said earlier, translation is not only about converting the text from one language to another but to get the core meaning which is impossible if not done in context of the story as we may use same words in multiple places but meaning changes according to the context.


5.      Look and feel of translated document.

I have seen many cases where translation was perfect, still rejected by customer because of formatting.

As far as possible target documents should have same formatting as of source document, which will not only beautify you translation but also will help have better correlation to check if you have missed any word or set of words and


6.      Proof read

You first cut should always be a draft, doesn’t matter how simple the document/text is. Proofreading a document before final submission to customer reduces you error percentage to minimal.


7.      Know your domains

You can’t be perfect in each and every sector so identify your strength , for eg. If you are form IT background, go for general or IT translation only, Commerce background for financial and general documents only.


8.      Punctuality

Delayed submission does exactly what a medicine does to a dead body. Your best translation will be of no use for customer if he doesn’t get it in time which in turn may result in zero payment or penalty. In both the case you lose your money and reputation which definitely you don’t want to.


9.      Get industry related certification

A certification/ accreditation from any translation organization like GALA, ATA, ATC is the best way to showcase that you have the required skills to do work perfectly and will open the world of opportunities for you.


10.   Networking

Networking will not only help you to improve your language /skills as you will be in touch with like-minded people but will also help you to get the work



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