{ } Importance of Subtitling with basic technical information
Importance of Subtitling with basic technical information

Importance of Subtitling with basic technical information

Subtitling is a form of audio-visual interpretation. The conversion from audio to textual format, which is the mode of reception changed from audio to textual.  Subtitling makes the Information available to be read, which can be only heard without subtitling. You might have seen a movie with the Audio and its text, sometime in the same language and sometimes in a different language. 

Subtitling is only a helpful tool for people with impaired or lacking hearing ability. Without subtitles, most people with hearing impairments are unable to understand the content.

Subtitling can be divided in two categories, subtitling in the same language and subtitling in different languages.  Subtitling should be limited in both display time and space, which has a direct impact on the end result. The good subtitling depends on these two parameters i.e. timing and space, and it consists not only of converting the content into the text, but also of rely in the image and the sound, with only a certain amount of time and space available.

The space we have available for subtitling is limited to two lines of subtitles, which are usually, placed in the lower centerfold the screen. No line can contain more than 30-40 characters (whether letter, symbol or space). So, a subtitle (divided into two lines) consists of total of70-80 characters. As far as the time limit is concerned, the subtitle must appear on the screen for at least 2 and a maximum of 7 seconds. So we can speak of a direct relationship between the display time and the number of characters in a subtitle so that it can be read. These parameters assume an average reading speed. The text, which actually takes 5-6 seconds to read, can hardly be reading a shorter time. It is estimated that today's average reading speed is 3-4words per second. So, we need at least 3-4 seconds to read a complete subtitle, consisting of two lines and 7-80 characters. When we have less time to spend, we have to use fewer signs. The process of creating subtitles consists of the following steps: ·       Translation·       Timing·       Simulation·       Improvement of the mistakes and rewording of the text.  There are many different professional and free subtitling programs available for subtitling, which can be used for a small work, but when it comes to huge output, you need to have a professional tool and an expert to do this. Generally, subtitling is a job of a team, which consists of translators, time coder and quality checker, which assure a quality output. 


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