{ } Translation and some of the best Translation tools
Translation and some of the best Translation tools


Translation and some of the best Translation tools

In this competitive and fast paced era, Businesses are not limited to its native country’s boundaries, One need to cross this limit who is looking to expand and ultimately to grow. In such cases, the very first and most important barrier is language, and it will remain same until unless you are not a multiple language expert or you don’t hire a professional translator or agency.

Most of us are very much aware of the term Translation but if we talk in layman’s language translation can be defined as converting the text from one language (source language) to another (Target language)

And a Translator is someone who in an expert in both the languages and does the above mentioned activity

If you are looking for the translation of some very basic and short text you can do it, partially, with the help of some open platforms like Google translator. but if you are looking for proper document translation then you need to a professional translator or a certified translation agency.

Now coming to translators, translating manually each and every word is almost impossible if you are targeting to deliver if not huge but good amount of delivery, that’s when Translation and Localization tools come into picture which not only help you to deliver a good of work but also with better or enhanced quality.

When we talk about translation tools, we are extensively referring to CAT i.e. COMPUTER AIDED TRANSLATIONS which is completely different from Machine translation wherein we get almost Literal translation of words which may or may not make any sense.

But these tools must be used by a Translator only to get the required result, so if you are a aspiring translator, here is list of some of the best tools which will definitely help you to cater your customers in better way.

1.    SDL Trados

This tool is leading the market and the minds of translators by a huge margin when compared to other tools. As claimed by the company it is being used by more than 270,000 translation professionals worldwide.


It offers a 30 day trial service and post that you will need to pay $549 for individual and $665 for two PCs for latest version


2.    MemoQ

memoQ’s translator  provides a CAT environment for individual translators along with giving you a feature of Glossary creation and reuse of previous translations, The interface is very clear and easy to understand.


It also comes with a trail version and post that you will be charged EUR 620 / USD 770.


3.     Wordfast

It is a Java-based translation and editing tool, you will definitely like it if you are in love with MS word while working. The world's only free and completely confidential web-based TM tool but will need it’s Pro version if you are looking to translate other file formats other than MS word which post trial is available at the cost of 560 $USD.


4.    Déjà Vu

It is a CAT tool with its own program interface which provides database-supported translation. It also comes with customizable quality assurance module. It is not only multilingual, multi-format and multi-file projects but also comes with advanced analysis for best quotation. Post-trial version, it will cost you 420 €.


5.       Across

Across is one of the affordable priced desktop CAT tool having a free online version with some basic features and paid version starts with € 19.50 monthly if you go for 12 months subscription and € 24.50 if you go for 3 months offer.



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