{ } Translator or Interpreter ?
Translator or Interpreter ?

Interpretation and translation are two closely related linguistic terms but they are rarely performed by the same people.

The difference in skill set, training and even language terminologies are so complex that only a few people can do both successfully on actual professional level.

Roughly, the difference between interpretation and translation is only the difference in the medium:

The interpreter works orally, while

The translator works on written text.

So we can say that an Interpreter is an oral translator.

An interpreter translates something which said. On the other hand, a translator translates something that is there in the written script. So, the interpreter’s role involves working with spoken communication, but translator’s role involves working with text (websites, legal documents, technical or documents, manuals, etc.).

The interpreters are required to translate on the spot i.e at conferences, meetings, TV programs, machine installations etc. They need to listen very carefully to what the person is saying and then, immediately, they need to translate it into the target language.

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