{ } What is Interpretation- Types & Tips
What is Interpretation- Types & Tips

What is Interpretation- Types & Tips

Some TIPS for Interpretation


The basic definition of interpretation, according to the Webster dictionary is the “action of explaining the meaning of something; the way something is explained or understood.

Making it simpler, Interpretation is nothing but oral translation or rendering a one (Target) language into another (Source) language, maintaining the core meaning of the source language.

Below are some different types of interpretation:

1.      Simultaneous Interpretation: In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter must interpret the source language into the target language while simultaneously listening to and comprehending the next sentence.

2.      Consecutive Interpretation: During consecutive interpreting the speaker stops every 1–5 minutes, generally at the end sentence/paragraph and the interpreter need to put what the same in target language.

3.      Escorting/Travelling Interpretation: Escort/travel interpreters help the clients to navigate while they are traveling around on (business) trips.

4.      Telephonic interpretation: It is nothing but interpretation over phone or any other medium of communication.

5.      Whispering Interpreting: It is a kind of interpretation where a specialist interprets for 1-2 people into one language. The interpreter stands or sits directly beside you and simultaneously whispers the translation of the speech in the ear.

Interpreting is one of the most difficult skills any linguist can command. Apart from being an expert in at least one language pairs there are some more points to be considered.


Ø  What you wear: Dress smartly and in keeping with the place and occasion. Ask the client (if you’re going to a conference / party).  For most locations and events, jeans, trainers or flip-flops are not among the right choices

Ø  Ask again & again: Ask for clarification if you are not sure, haven’t heard or you do not understand something being said. It’s okay to ask again and again rather than interpreting it wrong.

Ø  Punctuality: I consider it one of the most important for any and every occasion. If you are not arriving on time you may miss any & everything.

Ø  Confidentiality: Never disclose or discuss with anyone the details of your project with other clients. Not only that you may lose clients, but you may even face legal consequences.

Ø  Professionalism: never say YES to assignments you are not sufficiently qualified/experienced for. Mistakes and misunderstandings may cost your client badly and in case of medical interpretation it may affect someone’s health as well

Ø  Research: Research as much as possible about the assignment. If possible, ask your client to provide you with any materials beforehand, so that you have time to research any terms you may not be familiar with.

Ø  Be objective: Do not give your opinion. You are there to interpret, not to give advice



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