{ } What is Transcription and how it differs from translation?
What is Transcription and how it differs from translation?

What is Transcription and how it differs from translation?


What is the difference between Transcription & Translation? Not sure if you need Translation services or Transcription services…..

Okay, before jumping on conclusion or decision let us try to figure out what is the difference between Translation and Transcription.

Transcription is the process of listening to the audio/video file and pen down what has been said in the audio/video. Post that we may require Translation services to convert this text into any other target language.

E.g.  We have a German audio/video which will be first transcribed (in German language) which further as per the requirement can be translated into French/English/Spanish etc.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on all the aspects of Transcription only.

Transcription can be further categorized into 2 categories:

1.       Verbatim

2.       Edited

Easiest definition of Verbatim transcription is “AS IT IS” or we can say it should have each and every word/sound what is in the audio/video. This type of transcription is required in

·         Research sector

·         Legal sector

·         Education sector

·         Movies

Edited transcription, as the names indicates it’s a refined or clean transcription where the goal is to put the conversation in a clearly legible form. This type of transcription is required in

·         Press release

·         Business meetings which need to published

·         MOMs recordings

There are many transcription software which use AI  and speech recognition where upload your audio files and you will receive an automatically generated transcript. Some of them are

1.       Otter.ai

2.       Temi

3.       Scribie

4.       iScribed

5.       Rev

6.       TranscribeMe

7.       Sonix

8.       Trint

For me personally, otter rules the industry because its user interface is very well designed, friendly, available on both desktop and mobile devices. It is versatile, comes with a range of premium features

All the softwares use AI algorithms listen to an audio/video file and transcribe it. All automatic transcription software products are equipped with a Speech-to-Text technology that generates text with varying levels of accuracy. That’s why these softwares have text editors that allow you to identify and correct mistakes quickly.

The accuracy is subjected to audio quality and the technology is not yet perfect but ideal, you have to check and correct the automatic transcript again.



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