HRD Attestation in Chandigarh

HRD Attestation Service in Chandigarh

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HRD stands for Human Resource Development, is an Indian ministry which works for augmenting the literacy in country. HRD Attestation is an important process when a person is travelling to foreign countries for various reasons. HRD attestation is identified as an initial process of attestation and which is mandatory for completing an embassy attestation in due manner. To prove the reliability of the documents is important while travelling to foreign countries.

The purposes of HRD attestation is

  • To attain higher education foreign countries.
  • For migration purposes.
  • To obtain work permit abroad.
  • For visa purposes.

HRD attestation is required mainly for educational documents. Certificates like Degree certificate, Diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate requires HRD attestation. Individuals started seeking opportunities internationally to get better education and employment. Authentication of documents is required for international matters. HRD attestation in Chandigarh is required for confirming the legitimacy of the documents in destination countries.

HRD attestation is an important step attestation services especially in educational certificate attestation. HRD attestation is a compulsory process of international travel, so that it will assist the certificate holder to show the trustworthiness of record in country he/she is traveling or moving to. People can attain HRD attestation from their respective states itself.

HRD (Human Resource Development Ministry) attestation is the process of authentication of educational document. HRD authentication centre is available in each state. The degree certificate needs to get attested from the HRD of the state before getting it attested from the Ministry of External Affairs, India.  Attestation is the true and accurate representation of the authenticity of that specified certificate. There is a process through which your certificates goes, so as to get attested, which has been explained to you briefly;

  • The certificates are first submitted at the HRD of the state, from where the certificates have been issued.
  • The HRD then verifies the certificates with the university, which issued those certificates.
  • After getting the verification of its authenticity, the certificates are stamped and attested by the HRD

HRD attestation is the process of legalizing educational documents with an official stamp and signature from the concerned state HRD department. It is a mandatory process in certificate attestation. HRD attestation is the verification of educational documents. In India, each concerned state HRDs does the attestation process for using the educational documents abroad. Even though the process of HRD attestation is the same, the rules are different in each state HRD.

The rules of HRD document verification and attestation process varies from each state. You have to do the educational certificate attestation from the state where you completed your education. If you are a resident of any state, but completed your studies from another state, then you have to do the degree attestation from that state’s HRD. In HRD attestation, the universities verify the documents first and only after that, the HRD attest the documents. HRD document attestation is done only for government approved (UGC/AICTE/NCERT) educational documents. HRD attestation services in Chandigarh

  • HRD attestation for Uttarakhand
  • HRD attestation for Uttar Pradesh
  • HRD attestation for Haryana
  • HRD attestation for Karnataka
  • HRD attestation for Tamilnadu
  • HRD attestation for Delhi
  • HRD attestation for Maharashtra
  • HRD attestation for Hyderabad
  • HRD attestation for Punjab