Indian Translation Services

India is country with huge cultural as well as geographical diversities ,which results in no. of language ,spoken across the country. Hindi : It is the official and national language of India. Written script of Hindi is Devanagri. Assamese : Assamese is spoken in Assam, located in north- eastern region of India. Bengali : It is the official language of West  Bengal, a state in East India Guajarati : Spoken in Gujarat, located in western part of India Kannada : Spoken in Karnataka, located in south western region of India. Malayalam : It is named as state language of Kerala, located in a state in the south-west region of India on the Malabar coast. Marathi : It is one of the official language in Maharashtra, located in the western region of India. Punjabi : Punjabi is the official language of the State of Punjab, located in the northwest of India. Telugu : Spoken as the language of Andhra Pradesh, located in south-eastern coast of India. Tamil :Tamil is the language of Tamil Nadu, located in the southernmost part of the India. We provide : Assamese Translator, Bengali Translator, Hindi Translator, Gujarati Translator, Kannada Translator, Malyalam Translator, Marathi Translator, Punjabi Translator, Telugu Translator, Tamil Translator, Oriya translator across India. At LTPL, we have highly qualified and well experienced Indian language experts to cater to all of our clients’ translation and interpretation needs.